Acqdemo Pay Setting Reassignment

Answer: The CCAS cycle begins on October 1st each year. Supervisors and employees should plan to meet soon after the cycle beings and review the employee's career path, broadband level, factors, and weights (if applicable). Together they should agree on what types of contributions the employee will plan to make over the next rating cycle. The supervisor is also encouraged to review with each employee the expected contribution level (Overall Contribution Score [OCS] range) corresponding to the employee's current base salary. Remember, the OCS range may change when employees receive their pay adjustments in January of the following year. Any changes to the expected contribution level, due to salary increase, should be discussed when the supervisor and employee review the Part I, on the Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS) Appraisal Form, which details the CCAS assessment results. Remember, AcqDemo encourages frequent and informal feedback throughout the appraisal cycle.

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