The Nativist Response To Immigration Dbq Essay Sample

Mrs. WilkersonAPUSH3 March 2016DBQ #12: The Nativist Response to ImmigrationAmerican nativist groups were elitists who discriminated against anyone who was not a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. These racists wanted to “Make America Great Again” way beforeDonald Trump came along. They believed that immigrants were uncivilized people who would tarnish America and disgrace her culture and government so they opposed unrestricted immigration.Immigrants have always been looked down on but in the nineteenth and twentieth centuryin America the hatred for them increased. Many people believed that the downfall of civilization would occur if immigrants, especially Asian ones, entered our country because they would cause public disturbance due to race antagonisms (Document 1). Many people also thought that by having Jews and other religions in our nation then our citizens would become immoral and the amount of criminals would increase because foreigners brought in liquor which corrupts people (Document 2).

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