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The Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) holds the largest available collection of references in Egyptological literature and is updated nearly every day. It includes the records and abstracts from Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB, 1947-2001), combined with Bibliographie Altägypten (BA, 1822-1946), the Aigyptos database with keywords, and more than 25,000 further items. Coverage is from 1822 to the present. Enhancements are announced as they are introduced. For What’s new see below.

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OEB 255826

   Török, László 2015. The periods of Kushite history: from the tenth century BC to the AD fourth century. Studia Aegyptiaca Supplements 1. Budapest: Ísisz Foundation.

OEB 255819

   Noyen, Paul 1958. Review: Cerfaux, L. and J. Tondriau 1957. Le culte des souverains dans la civilisation gréco-romaine: un concurrent du christianisme. Bibliothèque de Théologie, sér. 3 5. Tournai: Desclée & Co.
Chronique d'Égypte 33 (66), 299-300.

What's new

January 2018: There have been important changes in personnel at OEB. In August 2017 Anne-Claire Salmas became the new Managing Editor of OEB and Topographical Bibliography (TopBib: Her projects include integrating OEB and TopBib more closely, to mutual advantage. In the Griffith Institute Francisco Bosch-Puche and Elizabeth Fleming also give part of their time to OEB. In August Andreas Hutterer, who worked from Munich, left OEB after many years on the project. Andreas was central to the integration of OEB with Aigyptos and to other developments; he has all our best wishes for the future. In Munich Theresa Albrecht, who had assisted Andreas for the previous two years, has taken over his responsibilities.

The export filter for bibliographical software introduced last June, which is quite heavily used, has been slightly revised in response to feedback.

OEB now has over 133,000 records online, of which 119,750 have been checked and released by OEB editors. The process of revising records inherited from AEB and Bibliographie Altägypten continues. Under 14,000 items remain to be reviewed. Verification, which will take a couple of years, is likely to increase their number to around 20,000. We continue to find hitherto unnoticed older items, quite apart from entering the ever-increasing numbers of new publications. Both processed and unprocessed records can be found through the normal search facilities.

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"Welcome to the online version of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB). It includes the volumes 1947 to 2001, some 46,000 titles in total. This version is provided 'as is' and is still under development. Changes may be made in this publication and its programmes at any time. There is no guarantee that the information contained in this online version of the bibliography is identical to the print version. From 1 June to 1 November 2007 the Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB) offers free access to its online service. During this test phase we would like to encourage all users to provide us with feedback on this online version of the AEB."

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