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Leslie Charteris (May 12, 1907, Singapore–April 15, 1993) was born Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin, to a Chinese father and an English mother. His father was a physician. Charteris's father claimed to be able to trace his lineage back to the emperors of the Shang Dynasty. The city of his birth was Singapore when it was part of the Federated Malay States and the largest port in the world.


When he was young, he typed out his own magazine with articles, short stories, poems, editorials, serial installments, and a comic strip. Since he wasn't good at drawing, his characters consisted of stick figures, which spawned the symbol for his only memorable literary creation, Simon Templar, The Saint.


When his first book, written during his first year at Cambridge University, was accepted, he quit school and embarked on a new career. Charteris was motivated by a desire to be unconventional and to become financially well off by doing what he liked best to do. He continued to write English thriller stories, while he worked at various jobs from shipping out on a freighter to working as a bartender in a country inn. He prospected for gold, fished for pearls, tried employment in a tin mine and on a rubber plantation, toured England with a carnival, and drove a bus. In 1926, when he was just setting out on all this, he legally changed his last name to Charteris (pronounced "charter-is"), based on an admiration for a certain Colonel Francis Charteris.


By 1928, he wrote his third novel, Meet the Tiger, published by Ward, Lock, in which he introduced the Saint (the book is better known by the title The Saint Meets the Tiger which was used for a later film adaptation). He didn't have to look very far for a model on which to base his dubious hero, who pursued crime for his own enrichment at the expense of criminals who preyed upon the helpless. He chose himself.


He dabbled with a couple of other books in 1929, but from then on, with one exception, he concerned himself exclusively with recounting the Saint's imaginary adventures. As with many British writers at the time, Charteris felt the best markets were in the United States. He moved there in 1932, able to get $400 for his first short story and was soon getting $1,000 a story thereafter. He went to Hollywood and was hired in the writing department at Paramount Pictures, working on the George Raft film, The Midnight Club. During this period in his life, he came to know socially several Hollywood personalities like Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow. Charteris also travelled on the Hindenburg on its successful maiden voyage to New Jersey (the famous disaster did not occur until the vehicle's second year of operation).


However, Charteris was excluded from permanent residency in the United States because of the Oriental Exclusion Act, a law which prohibited immigration for persons of "50% or greater" Oriental blood. As a result, Charteris was forced to continually renew his six-month temporary visitor's visa, until an act of Congress personally granted him and his daughter the right of permanent residence in the United States, with eligibility for naturalization (which he later completed).


In the 1940s, Charteris, besides continuing to write Saint stories, scripted the Sherlock Holmes radio series featuring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. In 1941, he appeared in a Life Magazine picturization of a Saint short story, with himself playing the Saint.


During this time, a number of moderately successful motion pictures were produced based upon his stories, and featuring several different actors as Templar, but long-term success eluded Charteris' creation. He felt vindicated in 1962 when the British-produced television series The Saint went into production and played successfully for seven years around the world with Roger Moore in the Simon Templar role, as Charteris reportedly did not approve any of the previous actors who had portrayed his creation.


He permitted scripts from the television series to be turned into fictional treatments and published as further adventures of the Saint in printed form. However, he took his right of script approval seriously, becoming upset if locations or plot elements were altered or changed. Charteris would live to see a second British TV series, Return of the Saint starring Ian Oglivy as Simon Templar, enjoy a well-received, if brief, run, and in the 1980s a series of TV movies produced in Australia and starring Simon Dutton kept interest in The Saint alive. These were later worked up into Saint novels by other writers under Charteris's supervision.


Besides being a fiction writer, Charteris also wrote a column on cuisine for a British newspaper, as a sideline. He also invented a wordless, pictorial sign language called Paleneo and wrote a book on it. He was also one of the earliest members of Mensa, the high-IQ society.


In all Charteris chronicled the adventures of the Saint in nearly one hundred books. Some of his later ones were collaborations with other authors or were ghost written by others and published under Charteris' name. See the article Simon Templar for a complete list of the English-language Saint stories. A large number of Saint adventures credited to Charteris were published exclusively in French, though most of these were ghostwritten by someone else.


He was married four times, to Pauline Schishkin, Barbara Meyer, Elizabeth Bryant Borst and film actress Audrey Long.


The popular Saint character has inspired many websites including www.saint.org which includes a comprehensive bibliography with comments on each book.





The Saint (Simon Templar)

Meet the Tiger! (1928) aka The Saint Meets The Tiger

The Last Hero (1930) aka The Saint Closes the Case

Enter The Saint (1930)

Knight Templar (1930) aka The Avenging Saint

Featuring The Saint (1931)

Alias The Saint (1931)

She Was a Lady (1931) aka The Saint Meets His Match / Angels of Doom

Wanted for Murder (1931)

The Holy Terror (1932) aka The Saint versus Scotland Yard

Getaway (1933) aka The Saint's Getaway

Once More the Saint (1933) aka The Saint and Mr Teal

The Brighter Buccaneer (1933)

The Misfortunes of Mr Teal (1934) aka The Saint In London

Boodle (1934) aka The Saint Intervenes

The Saint Goes On (1934)

The Saint in New York (1935)

Saint Overboard (1936)

The Ace of Knaves (1937) aka The Saint in Action

Thieves' Picnic (1937) aka The Saint Bids Diamonds

The Saint and the Sinners (1938) aka Prelude for War

The First Saint Omnibus (omnibus)] (1939) aka Arrest The Saint

Follow The Saint (1939)

The Happy Highwayman (1939)

The Saint in Miami (1940)

The Saint Goes West (1940)

The Saint Steps In (1943)

The Saint On Guard (1945)

The Saint Sees It Through (1946)

Call for the Saint (1948)

Saint Errant (1948)

The Second Saint Omnibus (omnibus)] (1951)

The Saint in Europe (1953)

The Saint On the Spanish Main (1955)

The Saint Around the World (1956)

Thanks to The Saint (1957)

Senor Saint (1958)

The Saint to the Rescue (1959)

Trust The Saint (1962)

The Saint in the Sun (1963)

Vendetta for the Saint (1964)] (with Harry Harrison)

The Saint in Pursuit (1970)] (with Fleming Lee)

The Saint and the People Importers (1970)] (with Fleming Lee)

The Fantastic Saint (1982)


Other novels


X Esquire (1927)

The White Rider (1928)

The Bandit (1929)

Daredevil (1929)

Juan Belmonte, Killer of Bulls (1937)] (with Manuel Chaves Nogales)


Short stories


  • The Appalling Politician (1933)
  • The Bad Baron (1933)
  • The Blind Spot (1933)
  • The Brain Workers (1933)
  • The Brass Buddha (1933)
  • The Export Trade (1933)
  • The Five Thousand Pound Kiss (1933)
  • The Green Goods Man (1933)
  • The New Swindle (1933)
  • The Owners' Handicap (1933)
  • The Perfect Crime (1933)
  • The Tough Egg (1933)
  • The Unblemished Bootlegger (1933)
  • The Unpopular Landlord (1933)
  • The Unusual Ending (1933)
  • The Mystery of the Child's Toy (1934)
  • The Arrow of God (1949)


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