English Language Media Text Coursework Meaning

This module will introduce students to the English language – how to describe it, how it varies and how it functions in a variety of contexts. You will not only study the traditional linguistic areas of English (e.g. lexis, grammar, phonetics), but also areas that are often overlooked (e.g. letters, spellings) and areas that have more recently come to the fore, such as pragmatics or conversation analysis.

You will learn about and apply linguistic frameworks in the analysis and explanation of variation in English, both present-day and, to a lesser extent, historical. In order to study this variation, you will become conversant with crucial descriptive concepts, such as accents, dialects, registers, genres, and styles, as well as possible explanations for variation.

You will learn about the role of practices and contexts in shaping the English language, for example, how new TV genres have come about; and also about the functions of English, for example, how it can be creatively exploited for the purpose of constructing a joke.  Finally, you will learn about the teaching of English, especially as a foreign language.

Hi all,
So we've just gone back to school and we're starting our A2 courses now, mostly coursework in majority of subjects... which means English coursework.

I'm with AQA, doing the language investigation coursework, yet I've no idea WHATSOEVER on what to do it on and I need to have an idea fairly soon. Most people have chosen something easily, but I want an A (should be getting one really) and I don't wanna rush into something.

Only idea I've come up with is:
An idea of comparing the language of MSN (teacher suggestion), but I'm not sure at all... lack of real frameworks, and data collection could be difficult.

If I did it... I was thinking maybe get:
- Conversation of a guy speaking to a girl and a guy.
- Conversation of a girl speaking to a guy and a girl.

Then I could do gender comparisons as well as looking at internet language?


((''Pick what interests you'' doesn't really help, I'm not particularly interested in anything 'language related' I can think of.))

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