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Age of Faith, Age of Feudalism and the Dark Ages



Age of Faith, Age of Feudalism and the Dark Ages

World History

April 5, 2004

           The tittles; Age of Faith, Age of Feudalism and the Dark Ages all well represent the Middle Ages, but Age of Faith is the greater among equals. This is because religious faith increases a lot during the whole middle ages, yet the other three titles happened at different times, and were not as permanent as religion was. During the Middle Ages religion was very important, and church officials were almost as powerful as politicians. The Age of Feudalism was some of Europes government for hundreds of years. During the period thats known as the Age of Darkness, there was a great decline in learning and many Viking raids.

           During the Middle Ages, the Churches power greatly increased. Religion was almost as powerful as politics, so the title "Age of Faith" is the best suiting title. Although the life of a monk or nun was extremely strict (Doc 8), many choose that to be one because of their devotion to the church. Popes even had the power to start wars. In 1095, Pope Urban II called for the crusade the recapture Jerusalem (Doc 9). The Pope was so powerful that he could call for a war easier than most politicians could, and people didn t seem to mind even though it was thousands of miles away. Another example of how powerful the church was, are the Cathedrals that were erected. Cathedrals took years and years to build, and they were structural masterpieces (Doc 10), especially Gothic Cathedrals. These are some of their most beautiful architecture, and it is built for the Christian religion, and dedicated to their gods.

           The Feudal system was much of Europes system of governing for a very long time. The Feudal system was based on private government more than a centralized form of government. Vassals treated their lords as their kings (Doc 2), although people lived in the same country, there were many different rulers which caused numerous civil wars. In order to receive protection from invaders and a piece of land from a lord, also known as a fief, you must pledge to do certain things for your Lord (Doc 4). You must remain loyal to your Lord, and serve in his own personal army which is made up of all his different vassals. You must also provide ransom for your lord, incase he is ever taken hostage. Vassals with big enough fiefs divided them up into equal parts so he too could become a lord. By doing this that person who is still a vassal to the lord that gave him land, is also a lord to the people that he gave land. This person now has his own personal army as well. Many different vassals did this until their land was not large enough to divide.

           Although many people disagree with the title the Dark Ages, the events over that course of time proved it to be a suitable title, but sill not as good of a title as Age of Faith. During the Dark Ages, there were many Viking raids. When Vikings came to a city or town, they stole everything they could, killed many people, and left what used to be a well of city or town in ruins (Doc 1 and 3). There were not many safe places left out there, pirates were littered in the sea and bandits scattered along the trade routes. During the Dark Ages there was a major decrease in education and literacy. Some people believe that the people during the Dark Ages preserved and guarded knowledge and treasures of their time (Doc 6). During this time there was also a lot of disease and hunger. The disease is most likely from their poor sanitation habits, such as dumping garbage into the street, and rarely bathing.

           Age of Faith is the best title for the Middle Ages, although Age of Feudalism and the Dark Ages are good too. The reason Age of faith is better, is because faith lasted throughout the whole Middle Ages, but the other two titles were not as long lasting.

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Essay on Feudalism

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Western Europe suffered numerous hardships through the ninth and tenth centuries and this was the ultimate reason they established a new political organization which was known as feudalism. By providing honor, protection, and a sense of control, this new social system revived peace and order in Western Europe after the fall of the Carolingian Empire. Feudalism was a necessary ingredient to yield stability in during these times of calamity. The primary motive behind creating this organization was to render protection to the people since the government was unable to do so. Instead of depending on the Government as their defense, people resorted to finding a powerful lord who could grant protection in exchange for…show more content…

Then they would grant portions of this land to vassals who in return would fight for their lord. The relationship between the lord and vassal became official by having a public ceremony. In the ceremony the vassal would perform an act of homage to his lord. This alliance was based on loyalty. During the ninth century, the land that was granted to a vassal was now known as a fief. After owning the land for a while, many vassals would possess the power to exercise rights of jurisdiction or political and legal authority within their fiefs. When the Carolingian political system began to fall, because of numerous invasions and internal differences, various powerful lords arose. Now it was the people’s job to keep order, they could no longer depend on the government. Since number of lords substantially increased, the number of vassals multiplied also. This abundant increase brought about the development of subinfeudation. This is where fief-holding became complicated. Vassals of a king might also have vassals who might owe them military service for land that was granted to them. These vassals sometimes also had other vassals under them who might only have enough land to provide their equipment. Even though this system brought about greater and lesser landowners, this relationship was still honorable. Since this was a willing relationship between free men, it was not based on servitude. This

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