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I’m applying to be a mature student, after having my son two years ago, I made the decision to further my education and return to pursuing an unfulfilled career ambition as a nurse. After much consideration, I believe mental health is the branch which I feel my personal attributions would be best applied.

Whilst being out of education I worked as a kitchen manager and feel this experience offered the opportunity to work both as part of a team and independently. I also understand the importance of working under strict health and safety conditions and procedures. Also relevant to my application is that I briefly volunteered at a local hospital as a ward helper. I found it a rewarding experience and it gave me inspiration to apply for a position on the staff bank as a HCA. As this role is not restricted to a set ward, I feel it will offer valuable experience which will support my academic studies.

I was undecided to which pathway to follow, so opted to take a Pre-Access course to underpin my skills and also to allow the option of doing an Access to HE if I chose to do a degree course. I also re-sat my GSCE mathematics. During the past year I have researched various entry routes and decided the Diploma in Mental Health Nursing would suit my preferred kinesthetic style as it has a strong vocational focus. I also felt it was the right course as my qualifications are suited to the entry requirements.

My understanding of mental illness is that it is a very diverse area. It can vary not just between different cases; it can also differentiate to various degrees in someone suffering from one condition. For instance someone who suffers from Bipolar Affective disorder (BPAD) can have extreme highs where the sufferer may be in a state of delirium; then just as easily plummet to a devastating low; this I may add is dependant upon the individual and the type of BPAD. I believe the role of the mental health nurse is to help the patient understand their condition, to reassure and to respond to personal needs with relevant treatment. I’m also aware of the importance of treating people in a non judgemental manner and to respect equality. In addition to this I feel it is important to use the role to promote mental health to the public, as I’m aware that this is still an area which can be considered a taboo.

Some patients may struggle to ‘open up’ about their state of mind, this may be because they are scared of the realisation that they have a problem or it could be the stigma attached to mental illness in society. I believe that part of my chosen career would be to communicate with individuals, as well as their families and others close to them. I understand that this is a complex role and at times will most definitely be challenging. I am confident that this chosen course will provide me with the skills and knowledge needed to fulfil my ambition.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, my favourite author is Bill Bryson; I have read much of his work, my preferred book being Neither Here Nor There. A recent book I read was about Serial Killers, It provided insights into the criminal’s state of mind, among many conditions mentioned were: Manifest Grandiosity, Psychosis and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). I was particularly interested in learning more about MPD and found further reading about this condition at the library. As a mother my interests also include enjoying precious time spent with my son. Activities include creative play, adventuring outdoors to either the park or local play centre, and baking together. I also have a long term partner who shares a joint interest in retail therapy, although the majority of the time he just happens to be the one carrying the bags!

With successful completion of the Diploma which would result in becoming a registered mental health nurse. I hope to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity offered to health professionals and would wish to develop a specialism in an area of my chosen field.


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Article by TSR User on Thursday 15 February 2018

So I'm currently working on my personal statement, I am applying as a mature student as I will be 22 when I (hopefully) start university next year.
However I'm finding it really difficult to know what to put in my personal statement, I did badly at A-levels first time round because I didn't work hard, I moved countries and dropped out of university in Australia from a similar course to the one I want to study now. I've had some useful work experience related to the course I want to do and I am currently retaking my A levels in a one year intensive.
I've been told it is best to keep the personal statement upbeat, focus on all the good that is happening now, the progress you've made, explain your past but don't try to 'justify' it or make a sob story.. I'm just very confused as to what they want from me!
Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can relate to this? Perhaps mature students in their early 20's? What did you put in your personal statements? What advice have you received? Anything would help!

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