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My Dream Job: Being a Lawyer Essay examples

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"The jury has made their decision, the plaintiff has been found guilty." These are the words that one day I will finally hear. My future goal is to be a lawyer. A lawyer is a professional person authorized to practice law. They defend or prosecute people for the crimes they have committed. ( I am very out spoken and believe in fighting for what I want or think is right.

Being a lawyer means that there are many responsibilities to carry out. It takes a great deal of timing and patience to finish the job,which I'm sure I can handle. Being a lawyer can be a tough job to work on. All you have to do is work as much as you can to succeed on the case. A beginning lawyer makes about $25,000-$128,000 a year. (Pasternak & Thornburg…show more content…

If you receive retirement, benefits in the form of pension or annuity payments from a qualified employer retirement plan. The amounts you receive may be fully taxable or partly taxable. (

An aspiring lawyer must enter law school and complete a Juris doctor program. However, before applying to law school, an undergraduate degree must first be completed. In some places, a drug test is randomly completed. ( Lawyer’s students set on a career in law need to continue getting good grades in their university life, and not make the error of thinking that it is only the end-of-third-year exam performance that counts. First and second-year exam results are taken into account by firms and chambers when considering applicants for work experience, as well as training contracts/pupils. ( Personally this is something I wouldn't need to adjust to being growing up my mom always made sure I was on track with my school work.

Some skills are needed as stated in “The Criminal Justice Lawyer on page 1” it says “the ability to write high quality legal briefs that successfully present the client's case”. A lawyer needs to have a lot of knowledge of the law and the rights of the people. They should also know how to analyze legal issues in light of the existing state of the law. ( It is also important to know the road in which the law is headed, and important policy

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Dream job
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Dream job
My dream job is to become an arts administrator. I have a passion for arts, and I believe I have good skills in business and marketing. I believe that with this combination I can bring any company success.
Job description
A career in this category requires one to possess an interest in arts with a combination of business and fundraising skills. Most professional arts administrators work in art galleries, ballet companies, symphony orchestras, and museums. They also work in theaters and other organizations. An arts administrator is allocated the duty of taking care of the business operations of the organization, especially those that are arts-oriented. Some of the employers for this profession include government agencies and non-profit organizations. Others include large corporations or foundations that are arts-oriented or have an interest in arts. In a ‘theatre' situation the administrator promotes and manages the activities. In many cases, this often involves bonding with sponsors, actors, supporters and the staff of the company. The roles and responsibilities of an arts administrator often range according to the organization. However, some of the most common include; negotiating contracts, developing budgets, the development of community interest in the firm and the execution of events and performances. He/she is also tasked with directing of the hiring and training of individuals. Additionally, they are directly involved with scheduling for the new recruits and allocating them duties (Miller, 2014). Those that are employed by non-profit organizations also have the additional tasks of organizing the fundraising events and hunting for financial supporters. They are additionally required to conduct great research for them to get grants and to distribute the received funds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in American has categorized art administrators as art directors. This shows that there is a bright future in this job classification. Additionally, it has projected that there will be a 2% increase in job opportunities from the year 2014-2024.
Compensation and benefits package
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of 2015 the annual salary for art directors was averagely $89,760. However, this has changed and according to a recently concluded research, the average arts administrator in the country today makes $77,527. This can also be translated to $37 per hour, and they additionally get an annual bonus of $2,915. At the entry level, it is estimated that they make $55,879 per year, but this also comes with some qualifications. For example, one must have 1-3 years of working experience. The senior level requires one who has the experience of eight years and above. Moreover, at the senior management level they can make around $104,558 per year (Taylor, 2017). This is a significant amount that can help one achieve the American dream. Due to competition in the market, I would go for a lesser fee for the entry level and ask for around $53,000 per year. This is because I believe that organizations are not willing to spend much on the production process but want good results. After this, I would occasionally ask for increments according to the assessment of my performance. As for the bonus, I would ask for $3,000, and this is because I have already asked for a significantly low salary at the entry level. I would additionally ask for a one-month vacation to be given at the end of the year. ‘Sick time' is also another benefit that I would inquire for and paid vacations. Vacations are essential for the survival of every working human being. This is where people go to ‘relieve' job-related ‘stresses.' There is a common saying ‘all work wi...

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