800 Word Essay On Bullying

Lyme Disease: A grody, deer-tick sick that loosely rhymes with "dimes, not pennies." Speaking of dollars, did you know that America's finest moneymakers seem to have an affinity for contracting Lyme disease? I've heard of signing autographs, but letting your fans chomp on your blood? Welcome to Hollyweird. Here are some of the ticks who made it into the spotlight. Listicle INBOUND.

1. The tick who bit Ben Stiller

"What is this? A bite from ants?", Ben Stiller probably said after probably waking up to discover a rash courtesy of the cutie pie pictured above. I'm not sure if ticks decide to feed at night. I think they're always eating. I got bit by a tick once. But I told it I wasn't famous and it hopped right off my knee. Luckily Stiller doesn't feel it still (I'm not even going to bother hyperlinking "Feel It Still," but it would be funny, but it's a lot of work, but it would be funny), and his symptoms are gone. If you can dodge a Lyme, you can take a joke.

2. The tick who bit Avril Lavigne

This tick went and made things real complicated when it landed on Avril Lavigne and gave her Lyme disease. Are ticks good for anything in the ecosystem other than causing suffering? I guess so. Probably. I don't know whether to blame deer-ticks or deer at this point. Lyme disease can happen to anybody, but it's astounding that successful people get it so much. Maybe if I get Lyme disease, that'll be a step in the right direction up the ladder of stardom.

3. The tick who bit Ashley Olsen thinking she was Mary-Kate

This fool was bugging out when it gave Ashley Olsen the Lyme when it was aiming for Mary-Kate Olsen. Work on your aim and take this L, like the L that Mary-Kate should've taken.

4. The tick who bit Yolanda Hadid

Any fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills knows that Yolanda Hadid (or Yolanda Foster depending on which season you're on) is outspoken about her experience with Lyme disease. My guess is this tick saw Yolanda in her lemon grove and wanted to thank her, not realizing that a kiss would risk hurting the Dutch warrior. A couple of Yolanda's children, Anwar and Bella, have also battled Lyme disease. It would seem the cost of a lemon grove is greater than the price of lemonade, my love.

5. The tick who bit Alec Baldwin

Based on the astounding number of celebrities who have reported Lyme disease, I'm not surprised at least one Baldwin got it. Initially, I assumed this tick was upset at Alec Baldwin for his Trump impression, but Alec revealed he had Lyme disease back in 2011, well before the Hell we currently live in. Remember, ABC, that's "Always Be Checking." For ticks.

6. The tick who bit George W. Bush

Members of my older audience might remember when this tick topped the FBI's Most Wanted list, a list better than any list I've ever made. It takes a real mastermind to infiltrate the White House, but to give the president of the free world Lyme disease before leaving? A real Houdini. The FBI is no longer looking for this tick because it's probably dead.

7. The tick who bit Shania Twain

How dare you?

8. The tick who bit Amy Tan, Richard Gere, Kelly Osbourne, and Alice Walker

Working overtime to put others out of work? You monster.

If Lyme disease can happen to these prominent public figures, it can certainly happen to you. Check yourself for ticks after any outdoor activity. There are more celebrities who have contracted Lyme disease, but there are more writers who could write about that. I have things to do, lists to generate.

Social Media and Cyberbullying Essay

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Facebook and other social media platforms have brought communication across the world to a whole new level. The rise of social media has created a place for children to communicate with others in both a positive and negative manner. Although it has made a positive impact on American youth, it has also contributed and exacerbated bullying in our schools. This new form of bullying, often referred to as cyberbullying, has created an around-the-clock atmosphere where bullying can occur even when school is not in session. Many professionals have sought to address the negative aspects of social media and have worked to develop a solution to bring cyberbullying to an end.
Besides cyberbullying, there are many other negative outcomes for…show more content…

While cyberbullying affects each child differently, there has been a clear correlation between victims and non-victims and their self-esteem. In one study, bullied victims had less self-esteem than those who were not bullied online. Additionally, it was reported that victims of cyberbullying were thirty percent more likely to think about committing suicide (Cyberbullying Research Center, 2012). With the lack of parent supervision, it was found that those who spent more than three hours per school day on social networks were 110% more at risk to be a cyberbully victim as compared those who do not spend as much time online (Gilkerson, 2012). What may be worse is the fact that majority of those bullied online do not tell their parents or an adult about what occurred. Despite the fact that most adolescents state that bullying occurs more offline then online, cyberbullying is still a real and large threat to the youth of America (Lenhart, 2007).
While social media and electronic means for communication have been around the better part of fifteen years, the past ten years have overall shown increases in cyberbullying. Although bullying in general over the past decade has been at a consistent rate, or in some cases even declining, cyberbullying on the average has been rising over the past decade. Statistics regarding

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