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CSS is a Bureaucratic elite Authority and Civil Services for the Civilian Bureaucracy. The Term CSS stands for Central Superior services. CSS 2018 examination will be held in start of 2018 where candidates will apply for civil services which is a very difficult task. Expected Essay Topics CSS 2018Registration is open for now. The candidates who want to apply for the Registration can apply before the assessment. The online portal for the registration is now active and running. The candidates who want to registration can go online on the FPSE official Website and Apply for Civil Services.

Expected Essay Topics For CSS 2018 Important English Papers for Preparation

In this article the candidate will be able to understand about how to attempt the essay given in the examination of CSS forum.  Two expected CSSESSAYS are solved down below with a good point to point understanding. This article will solve all the queries about attempting the essay examination.

Expected Essay Topics:-Changing priorities of USA in Afghanistan and Expected Outcomes

This is an expected essay, which may or may not appear in the CSS Exam 2018. The Following guide is very helpful if Read correctly for future or upcoming CSS applicants.

The Writer will introduce about the essay to the checker and will write about his upcoming writings on this essay.

  • A General Review on Afghan Issue

This heading will include the issues that are happening in Afghanistan Due to the Priorities of USA. The Subheadings will include:

  1. Emergence of ISIS
  2. Establishment of Taliban Government
  3. The happening of 9/11 and Response of Afghan Government on the incident
  4. Re-Emergence of Taliban
  5. Russian Exit
  6. US Support for “Mujahideen”
  • The United States approach towards Afghanistan Problem.

The Subheading will include about the approach of US towards the issues in Afghanistan on Current Basis.

  1. Approach Of George Bush’s Administration
  2. Strategies of Barack Obama’s Administration
  3. Priorities of Donald Trump’s Administration
  • Comparison of changing Presidents of America

The writer will write about the comparison of thoughts and strategies Between Donald Trump with his predecessors

  • Analysis of Trumps Working Policies towards Afghanistan

In this heading the writer will create a Framework of trumps positive and negative Indicators towards Afghanistan, Such as:

  1. Positive Indicators
  2. Negative Indicators
  • Expected Outcomes of Donald Trump’s Policies

The Expected percentage outcomes of Trump’s will be written in this heading about the Afghanistan issues.

  1. Permanent end of Ware
  2. Curbing of ISIS
  3. Afghanistan – Pakistan Relations
  4. Economic – Social Stability of the Afghans and their Country
  • Challenges about the Resolution of Afghan Issues

The candidate will make a proper Description of the challenges that are rising in the resolution of Afghan issues.

  1. Geographical
  2. Internal
  3. External
  4. International Challenges
  • Reason Behind the Shift in United states Policy

A proper list of subheadings and details is needed in this Heading. The Writer should write about:

  1. Political Causes
  2. Social Causes
  3. Administrative
  4. Economic Causes
  • Ideal US Policy to Resolve the Afghanistan Issue once and for all

Now here is a tricky part for the Candidate. The Candidate must write a suitable policy putting in mind about the issues in Afghanistan.

Some Other Recommendations are required in Order to solve the Afghanistan Issue.

The Writer will give a perfect Conclusion in a paragraph containing 6-7 lines and conclude the Essay with a Fruitful Touch.

Expected Essay Topics:- Accountability is Essential to the Development of Pakistan

This Is another Essay, which is expected in CSS Exam 2018. The Proper Framework of this essay is given down below:

The start of the Essay should be an Attention grabber. Whatever attention grabber you use is up to you.

  • Conception Of The Term Accountability

The writer must write about the concept of Accountability.

  • Various Aspects of Accountability

The Candidate should talk about the Different aspects of Accountability. Following are the Aspects of Accountability:

  1. Political Accountability
  2. Social
  3. Religious
  4. Administrative
  5. Economic Accountability
  • Review of the Accountability situations in Pakistan

An Overview of the accountability Situations in Pakistan is needed in this Topic which is essential in strengthening the essay. The Overview is in two Forms

  1. Situation in the Past
  2. Present Situation
  • Accountability being an Essential ingredient in the development of Pakistan

Description of different Roles of Accountability in the Development of Pakistan are:

  1. Political Development of Pakistan
  2. Accountability and Economic Development of Pakistan
  3. Administrative Development
  4. Social Development
  • Obstacles In The Way Of Accountability

The writer must include the hurdles in the field of Accountability in this heading including legislative and Financial, Such as:

  1. Legislative Hurdles
  2. Administrative Hurdles
  3. Social hurdles
  4. Financial Hurdles
  • Recommendations For The Improvement of Accountability Situation In Pakistan

The Writer Include the Recommendations on how to cure the accountability situation. This will help the checker to vision the mentality of the Writer and get impressed.


The last/final step in CSS ESSAY WRITING is the Conclusion which is one of the main elements in attempting a CSS Examination.

These were the Framework, Bodywork and Structures on how to attempt an Essay in Civil Services Examination. Hope this Article helps the readers and Best of Luck to the people who want to apply in the Civil Services Examination in the future.

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Expected Essay Topics For CSS 2018 Important English Paper

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