Is4799 Unit 7 Assignment 1

IS4799: Unit 1 Technical Assessment Questions Suzanna Vazquez Darwin Fernandez Martin Ljung Scott Connary 1. When you first receive an RFP, what three sections should you look at to determine if your firm is going to respond?  The first three sections should you look at to determine if your firm is going to be:  Introduction,  Scope of Work  General Requirements 2. If your firm has plenty of client references and experience in performing the Scope of Work but lacks the minimum vendor qualifications what should you consider?  You should consider finding a prime contractor who does have the minimum vendor qualifications but lacks the client references and specific expertise that are required within the Scope of Work. 3. How should your firm evaluate or assess if you should respond to the RFP?  My firm should review the RFP and evaluate the cost and capability of the company. We also would cost analysis see if the contract would be worth the risk and expense of bidding on it.

WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT Title: Case Study Rolls-Royce Corporation Read Case Study 2.1: Rolls-Royce Corporation on page 61 of your textbook and answer the following questions: 1. Who are Rolls’ principal project management stakeholders? Roll’s principal project management stakeholders are the two main airframe manufacturers: Boeing and Airbus. There are also others to consider such as labor force, national governments, competitors, and suppliers. All play a big role in the active stake in the project and can impact, either positively or negatively, its development. 2. How would you design stakeholder management strategies to address their concerns? There will be a potential market demand of 70,000 engines, valued at over $400 billion in civil aerospace alone. With that being said, a growth opportunity in the larger thrust engines designed to be paired with larger jet aircraft would definitely increase the interest of stakeholders to buy. Their interest is in providing higher seat capacity for long-distance routes. 3.

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