Wonder Girls I Feel You Sketchbook Assignments

Sunye officially retires from entertainment industry and Wonder Girls

Sunye has officially confirmed her retirement from the entertainment industry and Wonder Girls, in a new interview with Joongang Ilbo‘s US branch at a non-profit church concert.

In a new interview that has surfaced, Sunye revealed in an exclusive statement, “Return to the entertainment industry? That won’t ever happen!” The article, titled “The emptiness of popularity, I wish to spend my life resolving myself through the gospel and in Jesus,” goes into detail of the artist dedicating her life to missionary work.

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Source: Korea Daily via koreaboo + Korea Daily New York

JYP Entertainment Denies Reports that Wonder Girls’ Sunye Is Retiring from the Industry

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Source: Starnews, Sports Donga via naver (1), (2); via soompi

Well. Ppl are not sure about the source of the interview the Korean media reported and I'd give Sunye the benefit of the doubt but she has said questionable things before...

Former members of Wonder GirlsSunye and Sohee have showed their continued love and support for their group by dropping by “Music Core” to see them perform their comeback stage!

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Prior to Wonder Girls’ comeback earlier this month, JYP Entertainmentannounced that Sunye and Sohee had officially withdrawn from the band. Sunye is said to be focusing more on her family, while Sohee will be working on other projects. Nevertheless, both the former members have been incredibly supportive of the group during their comeback. Member Yeeun recently said on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” that Sunye had even come to the music video filming for “I Feel You” with her daughter.

On August 8, Super Junior‘s Donghae posted a shot of himself, fellow member Kangin, and Sunye and her daughter backstage at “Music Core.” He writes as the caption, “Sunye, who was so fun when we were doing activities together and is so kind, and her lovely daughter. ^^ You have to be healthy and happy in the future too ^^”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk also uploaded a photo of himself with Sunye and her daughter, as well as members Donghae, Kangin, Heechul, and Eunhyuk. He writes, “.. So good to see your face!^^ I hope that you will live happily and that your baby will grow up healthy!!!!.. Fighting, Wonder Girls!!!.. Fighting, Super Junior!!..”

Sohee was also spotted at “Music Core” and some photos of her standing in line to get some food have been circulating online. Yeeun confirmed that this was indeed Sohee by posting one of them on her Instagram with the caption, “They’re really long, right? ㅋㅋ Sohee who’s buying ice cream <33 It was delicious <33.”

Hopefully we keep seeing more updates about Sohee and Sunye in the future!

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