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Sirat-un-Nabi (Life of the Prophet) is one of the most famous and authentic Sirah Rasul Allah (biographies) of the Islamic prophetMuhammad, written in Urdu by Shibli Nomani and his student, Sulaiman Nadvi in 7 volumes.


The work started with the financial assistance of the late Nawab Sultana Jehan Begum of Bhopal and later through the aid of the Nizam of Hyderabad.

Nomani had only managed to complete the first two volumes when he died in 1914. His loyal disciple Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, who was working with him as his literary assistant on the project, collected his research papers and manuscripts and had them published.


This voluminous book was originally divided into 8 parts. However, different publishers have published the book in different volumes. The first part deals with the biography of Islamic prophet Muhammad. The second part discusses various aspects of Muhammad' personality and character, his likes and dislikes, and his teachings. It also various injunctions that were being introduced into Muslim community with the Quranic revelations.[1]


Originally in Urdu, the book since has been translated into many languages. The Arabic translation of the first part of this work was done by late Muhammad Ismail Madrasi of Algiers University. It was translated into English by Tayeb Bakhsh Budayuni and Mohammad Saeed Siddiqi.and the persian translation was made by Mohammed Yasin Muhammed Musa also known as Qazi Yasin.

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