Plagiarism Quiz For Enc 1101 Assignments

PLAGIARISM QUIZ FOR ENC 1101 You are required to complete this quiz and submit it to your instructor for grading. Please answer each question as directed 1. The real issue with plagiarism is how many words I change in a passage another has written; for example, if I change the tenses or drop one fourth of the words or move the order of the words around, I have not plagiarized. True ___ False __2. The following information does not need to be cited because it is common knowledge. “On December 31, 1956, the Wall Street Journal reported that sales of Elvis Presley memorabilia has grossed over 22 million dollars in the past few months.” True ___ False ____ 3. What does it mean to summarize a text? How does this differ from paraphrasing? Summarizing texts involves recapping the main ideas/points in your own words. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, is easy to plagiarize because you are re-wording sentences within works to make sense.

- Если бы Танкадо подозревал некий подвох, он инстинктивно стал бы искать глазами убийцу. Как вы можете убедиться, этого не произошло. На экране Танкадо рухнул на колени, по-прежнему прижимая руку к груди и так ни разу и не подняв глаз.

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