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..."Kittay gives a moving account of her experience raising her profoundly retarded daughter, Sesha; this finely wrought material bears testimony to Kittay's ability to draw significant philosophical conclusions from observation of and reflection on daily life."
-Mary Lyndon Shanley, "Hypatia
""Love's Labor is a marvelous book: a must-read for anyone interested in feminist moral and political philosophy."
-Louise Collins, "National Women's Studies Association Journal
"Kittay's "Love's Labor is an important contribution to the feminist aspiration of greaer equality and justice for women... It also contributes significantly to both the field of contemporary political theory and to present-day social policies."
-S. Matthew Liao, "Philosophy in Review
.."breathtakingly new to the world of ethics and social theory as to be groundbreaking and critically important."
""Love's Labor combines rigorous analysis, informed political argument and passionate personal reflection. This is a magnificent book which might just transform the way we do political philosophy and lead our political lives."
-Sara Ruddick, author of "Maternal Thinking: Toward a Politics of Peace

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“The tape measures and weighing scales of the Victorian brain scientists have been supplanted by powerful neuroimaging technologies, but there is still a lesson to be learned from historical examples such as these. State-of-the-art brain scanners offer us unprecedented information about the structure and working of the brain. But don't forget that, once, wrapping a tape measure around the head was considered modern and sophisticated, and it's important not to fall into the same old traps. As we'll see in later chapters, although certain popular commentators make it seem effortlessly easy, the sheer complexity of the brain makes interpreting and understanding the meaning of any sex differences we find in the brain a very difficult task. But the first, and perhaps surprising, issue in sex differences research is that of knowing which differences are real and which, like the intially promising cephalic index, are flukes or spurious.”
― Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference


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