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19 May 2017

Mr Trevor Turner
Recruitment Manager
Lancefield Recruitment
99 Clifford Road
BK17 9NX

Dear Mr Turner,

Re: Recruitment Officer Vacancy (#345J)

I was thrilled when I saw a vacancy for the above role on your company website as this is a position that I am enormously keen on pursuing. I am confident that with the skills that I possess and my passion for recruitment, I would be a fantastic fit for this role.

For the past year, I have been working as a Human Resources Assistant for a large agency where I was mainly responsible for assisting senior HR professionals with the recruitment of staff. As part of my job, I am responsible for reviewing job applications, performing background checks, short listing candidates, booking meeting rooms, arranging job interviews, and performing general admin duties. These responsibilities have given me a comprehensive and practical insight into the recruitment process from start to finish.

I have a confident personality and possess excellent communication skills with the ability to speak clearly and professionally; whether face-to-face or over the phone. Due to my hard work and dedication, I have been named “Employee of the Month” on two occasions.

I am especially attracted to joining your organisation because of the emphasis it puts on long-term growth and training within the company. Challenges motivate me, and I believe that I would be able to bring together my prior knowledge and skills as a competent Recruitment Officer. I am confident that my records of impressive accomplishments over the past few years prove that I will become a valuable asset to Lancefield Recruitment.

I have enclosed my CV with this covering letter which will provide additional information on my past work experience. I would also be keen to meet with you to further demonstrate my suitability for this role. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

~ Signature goes here ~

Sophie Clark.

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Cover Letter for Recruiting Coordinator

To hire the deserved candidates for any position, organizations first have to hire someone who can search, locate, and employ right people for them. The job of finding prospective candidates is done smoothly by the recruiting coordinator. At this key position, he will make plans for interviewing and screening candidates until the company finds the type of candidate they are looking for. If you are longing for this position, you need to have a cover letter.

Writing Tips

Explain why the letter is written first, including the position you are wanting to be considered for. Try to strike a connection with the reader by proving your interest to work for the company.

In the body paragraphs, explain how your qualification and experience meet the demand of the position. Mention a couple of relevant skills and abilities that you possess and fit in with the job requirements. You can include your abilities to formulate and implement recruitment policies, evaluate candidates, hire for temporary and permanent basis, negotiate salary, etc.

Make the body paragraphs that can place you as an achiever. Connect your experience with the job, and explain how the company can be benefited from them. Show the company that you enjoy working with people and in a team. In addition, describe your soft skill, which is compulsory for the job. Usually, working knowledge of word processing, excel and a designing software is preferred.

Refer the reader to your enclosed resume. Express your desire and when you can meet the hiring manager to explain what else benefits the company can derive from appointing you.

Cover Letter Sample

Anthony Robinson
392 Fannin Street
Houston, Texas 77053

October 01, 2013

Mark George
Hiring Manager
TDS Company Pvt. Ltd
382 Thompson Street,
Houston, Texas - 77056

Subject: Application for the position of Recruiting Coordinator

Dear Mr. George,

Effective hiring and selection process are the key in finding and recruiting suitable candidates for specific positions. If these two things are organized, nothing can stop companies from hiring deserved candidates. I believe that I have the quality and experience to take care of these important aspects of recruitment. Therefore, I am applying for the Recruiting Coordinator position and join the human resources team.

I can easily meet the requirement of locating, screening, arranging, and organizing the stages of hiring. Whether the recruitment is for technical, non-technical, administration, or accounting position, I can easily make appointments with candidates and manager to ensure smooth conduct of interviews. I can even make travel arrangement for prospective candidates in attending the hiring process.

My skills for the job include sourcing and screening candidates. I have even run background checks, and verified the educational and employment documents of candidates. Moreover, my written and verbal communication skills have helped in drafting offer letter, legal documents, and tax information to the new employee if he or she is hired. My soft skill is mentioned in the enclosed resume that make me more competent for the job.

I understand recruiting process is a team work, and the person should enjoy interacting with people. Hence, I can be the best candidate for this position. Call me at (713)-392-3029 at your convenience and inform about the possible date, time and venue of our meeting.


Anthony Robinson

Enclosure: resume

This cover letter has perfectly showcased the skills and abilities a company would look in for this job. Make use of this letter matching with your experience and abilities.

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