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Before you can price a product or service, you need to know your costs to provide it. This calculator is one tool to help you get a handle on those costs. It lists annual expenses independent photojournalists need to account for. But it's only as accurate as your inputs, which can be hard to estimate. Err on the high side, since unexpected things can catch up with you, and as you bill more, your expenses almost surely will increase. As high as totals from this calculator may look, experience will probably prove them low.

Click over the value fields for an explanation of what to include in that expense category. There's also a set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the most of the calculator and the data it generates.

This calculator takes a step beyond just computing your costs. You can input your desired salary, along with your estimated income from other sales (such as prints, reprints and stock photo sales), and the calculator will predict the minimum you must earn - in addition to assignment expenses - every day you shoot, in order to meet your goals. If your clients won't cover this minimum, plus your billable expenses, you need different clients or you need to make adjustments to your budget.

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Gradient keeps track of your current and predicted grades.

Ever wonder what score you need on an exam to get an A in the class? Of course you have. Because whether you're acing a class or failing, it feels better to know where you stand. Now you can see what scores you need for the grade you want.

Use Gradient to record your current grades –– and predict your final grades based on assignments that you have yet to complete.

Here's how it works:
1. Set parameters for a course you want to track: things like grading scale and whether certain sections of the course are weighted differently.
2. Enter scores for assignments you've completed ... and enter predicted scores for assignments you haven't done yet.
3. As you complete coursework, mark predicted assignments as "completed" and adjust your scores accordingly.
4. Keep up with your Gradient and experiment with predicted scores. The goal is all green!

Technical mumbo-jumbo:
All grades are calculated using numbers rounded to three decimal places. The percent value shown for grades does not display decimals. This is just to save space. The values are truncated, NOT rounded. For example, an 87.4 and an 87.5 will both show up as an 87. The letter grade depends on the grade scale you set. So, if you set a B+ as an 87.5, an 87.5 would show up as a B+ and an 87.4 would show up as a B.

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